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  • 2-year warranty on parts and labour 2-year warranty on parts and labour
  • Shipped by Fedex Shipped by Fedex

The EXNOZ device comes with

Two Li ion batteries

Power supply

A typical cigarette lighter power supply

A battery charger

An RF transmitter

12 meters of pipe

A multi-position magnetic nozzle

A straight nozzle 10 mm

Fonctionnement de l'exnoz

Since we have been in the odour treatment business since 1993, we have been questioned dozens of times about a system that can be installed in a transport vehicle.

It had to be space-saving, not requiring any installation work, reliable and above all energy independent (mainly during the vehicle's parking).

The exnoz was born, 30cm*18*18*18, 1.5kg empty, 6.5kg filled. It can be installed in the cab or in the tool tray along the truck. The nozzle will be fixed by a powerful permanent magnet. The connection between the exnos device and the nozzle can reach 12 meters (pipe delivered) No technical qualification is required for installation. A pump with brushless motor makes the system reliable over time.

At the energy level, two ion batteries are provided, these batteries can be charged with the independent charger, or by leaving a battery in the device, and connecting the exnoz to the mains via the mains power supply provided or by using the 12-24 VDC self-adaptive power supply type cigarette lighter also provided.

In order to be able to start the exnoz remotely, for example when crossing a city, a delivered RF transmitter will allow the driver to intervene.

This position corresponds to continuous operation, the other control positions change the time between each spraying operation. 

The EXNOZ is protected in case of clogging of the suction filter as well as in case of clogging of the nozzle


Although exnoz has been specially designed to treat vehicles, it can be used wherever there is no power supply, or where access to the area is particularly difficult.

It is easy to understand that it is preferable to treat the odour at the source, which is why the exnoz nozzle can sneak into a 10 mm hole. By injecting into the pipe, the odours generated by a gutted pipe that comes out of which we do not know where, will disappear.

Some applications:

In the back of garbage collection vehicles.


In the buckets of rendering trucks 


The rejection of vacuum pumps from septic tank emptying trucks. 


Garbage bins and containers, buried or not 


Indoor or outdoor compactors 


Crawl spaces

Wastewater piping network

Ceilings or caches with dead rodents

And so on... the list is not exhaustive

The product used is 2KIBO, an odour-destroying product that has been proven for decades. During these decades he has only extended his spectrum, only to end up being a formidable odour killer. How does it work?

In order to limit costs, the product is marketed in super concentrated form in an intelligent dispenser.

Connected to a mains water supply, this dispenser will automatically prepare a 1/50 mixture. A 3-litre canister will prepare 150 litres of ready-to-use product for you. 

Fill the Exnoz with the dispenser

Change the filter of the Exnoz

Disassembly of the Exnoz